Pro Bono Committee Thank You to Our Contributors AS OF JULY 1, 2017 Peter Biagetti Justin Nahama Susan Cohen Antony Nash John Delehanty Todd Rosenbaum Sue Finegan (Chair) Gabe Schnitzler Megan Gates Nada Shamonki Narges Kakalia Steve Weiner Samantha Kingsbury Natalie Young Dionne Lomax Alec Zadek We also want to recognize former Mintz Levin attorneys Anthony Hubbard, John Regier (Chair Emeritus Member), Colin Van Dyke, and Katy Ward, and to thank them for their long-standing commitment to the pro bono efforts of the firm. We also extend our thanks to assistant Emily Paone, project analysts Joanne Dynak, Sarah Engell, and Katie Walsh, and former Mintz Levin project analysts Sasha Dudding, Zach Fields, and Haejin Hwang for their assistance with the Pro Bono Program. We are very grateful to the 359 attorneys and staff members across the firm who generously contributed their time, energy, and passion to the work of the Pro Bono Program in 2016. The stories captured in this journal represent only a fraction of the hundreds of pro bono cases we could highlight, just as the attorneys and staff mentioned in the stories reflect only a percentage of those who do so much to deliver the firm’s pro bono services. We are inspired by the dedication and commitment of the individuals who do this important work, and extend our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the firm and our pro bono clients. 45