which point attorney Brian Shea stepped in to help with her appeal. Ashley has been unable to work for over five years due to the debilitating pain and fatigue associated with MCD. After compiling and reviewing hundreds of pages of Ashley’s health records and the limited medical research available for her disease, Brian, with the help of summer associate Elizabeth Kelly, assembled evidence to demonstrate that Ashley is entitled to the SSDI benefits for which she originally applied. Brian and Elizabeth’s representation of Ashley is ongoing, and Mintz Levin remains hopeful that the assistance of counsel will make a meaningful difference for Ashley and her family. In addition to Brian, Elizabeth, Hillary, and Hannah, the attorneys involved with our Medical Legal Partnership programs during the year included Nishant Dharia, Mike Katz, Elissa Flynn-Poppey, Sue Finegan, and Adrienne Walker MILLENNIUM CAMPUS NETWORK The Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a Boston-based, global nonprofit training the next generation of social impact leaders. Through an innovative year-long experience, the MCN is training a new generation of leaders on university campuses across the globe. MCN recently received an offer to host a global conference this year in Rabat, Morocco, along with financial backing from the government of the Kingdom of Morocco. Over the course of four days, participants from more than 40 nations would have the opportunity to create innovative partner- ships and solutions to improve their communities and learn from world-class practitioners and advocates. Attorneys Kristin Gerber and Nishant Dharia helped to draft a memo- randum of understanding between MCN and a Moroccan governmental organization that establishes the terms of the collaboration. MITTENS FOR DETROIT While its economy is in recovery, Detroit, Michigan, continues to struggle in terms of meeting the basic human needs of thousands of its citizens, young and old; the state ranks fifth in the United States and first in the Midwest for its number of homeless residents, and limited resources mean many are forced to stay out on the streets year- round. For homeless people in Detroit, the issue of frostbite is a reality in terms of safety and health. The winters are harsh in Detroit, with freezing weather starting each year as early as October and sometimes running as late as May. Mittens for Detroit (MFD) was founded to address the cold weather concerns of children and adults in need in Detroit and its surrounding areas. Every year, MFD directs the collection, purchase, and distribution of new mittens and gloves to people in and around Detroit through a network of nearly 100 partner schools, agencies, and organizations. Even though MFD is less than a year old, it has already established 200 collection sites around Detroit, and gathered and distributed 70,000 pairs of new mittens and gloves in its last collection season (October 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017). In this capacity, MFD serves as a change agent that addresses the needs of impoverished communities and their residents’ ability to cope with cold weather by recognizing both the physical and emotional needs of people who would otherwise endure freezing cold temperatures without appropriate winter gear. This past year, attorney Natalie Young and former Mintz Levin attorney Anthony Hubbard secured status for Mittens for Detroit as a 501(c)(3) to help the organization continue and expand its important work supporting communities in need around Detroit. (continued) 41