40 LAWYERS CLEARINGHOUSE Lawyers Clearinghouse is an organization dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to residents of homeless shelters and others in need in the Boston area. Mintz Levin has been a partner of the Lawyers Clearinghouse for more than 20 years. Recently our work has been coordinated at the firm by attorney Samantha Kingsbury. Over the past year, attorneys Matthew Karambelas and Angela DiIenno worked on a highly successful Social Security insurance case through the Lawyer’s Clearinghouse. Matt’s client Eddie had been disabled and dependent on Social Security since 2014, and desperately needed help navigating the SSI appeal process when his benefits were cut. Thanks to Matt’s dedication, diligence, and ongoing encouragement—from the initial interview with Eddie to the final hearing—the appeal received a fully favorable decision and Eddie can continue receiving the support he depends on every day. MEDICAL-LEGAL PARTNERSHIP/DANA FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE & CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL When cases are referred to Mintz Levin from the Medical Legal Partnership, including the collaborations with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital, the prospective clients either face severe medical challenges themselves or have children with medical complexities. The legal difficulties which often accompany a serious medical diagnosis—such as complications with housing and government benefits programs—often can create immense hardship for these individuals during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Mintz Levin attorneys step in to provide support and counsel on discreet but crucial legal matters so that our clients can focus on their own and their families’ health. Mintz Levin worked with “Fae,” a mother who came to the United States over 10 years ago with her twin sons, who were then conjoined, and without her husband. After undergoing a number of medical procedures over the years, the sons, now teenagers, suffer from many medical complications that require Fae’s constant care and atten- tion. Fae and her sons were evicted from their apartment because they could no longer pay rent after Fae’s husband lost his job overseas. Attorneys Hillary Borcherding and Hannah Chapel worked with Fae, her case workers, the Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Department of Transitional Assistance to relocate the family to ADA-accommodated housing and to secure the maximum amount of Emergency Assistance to Elderly, Disabled and Children emergency aid (EAEDC) and food stamps for Fae and her sons. Hillary and Hannah also collaborated with the sons’ new school after their reloca- tion to ensure that they were able to get themselves to and from school and had the necessary support in place, and helped their hospital case worker arrange for continued health care coverage. Mintz Levin also worked with a young woman named “Ashley” who became completely dependent on her family during the aggressive progression of her Multi- centric Castleman disease (MCD), a rare condition of the lymphatic system treated through chemotherapy. There was a time when Ashley was able to manage both her disease and her day-to-day responsibilities, but her MCD and treatment have made daily responsibilities unman- ageable. Without additional assistance, the family’s reliance on Ashley’s husband for personal and financial security has put their well-being in jeopardy. Due to the challenge of proving the existence of this rare and complex disease, Ashley received two devastating denials for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, at Additional Pro Bono Highlights (continued)