3 Difficult journeys are easier to undertake when you travel in good company. When energy flags or the hurdles along the path seem insurmountable, it’s immeasurably helpful to know you have a strong partner who is committed to helping you reach your goal. Attorneys and professionals across our firm’s eight offices stand with hundreds of pro bono clients each year to help them bridge the distance between often dire circumstances and a better future. While the principle that everyone is equal before the law is fundamental to our judicial system and democracy, in practice those who face legal challenges without the benefit of capable legal counsel are unlikely to prevail. We collaborate with nonprofits, legal service organiza- tions, in-house legal departments, and other law firms to provide high-quality legal assistance to clients who would otherwise go it alone, ill-equipped to anticipate and manage the formidable obstacles in their way. Supplying legal legwork and insight along with equal doses of encouragement and compassion, the dedicated attorneys and professionals in our Pro Bono Program not only become their clients’ best advocates, but often keep in touch with them long after they have successfully crossed their bridges and set off on fresh paths on a stronger footing. The stories in this book provide a brief look at the challenges that they and their tireless legal teams encountered and mastered on their shared journeys. R. Robert Popeo Robert I. Bodian Susan M. Finegan Chairman Managing Member Chair, Pro Bono Committee Building Bridges