25 Island Creek Oysters Foundation Based in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the Island Creek Oysters Foundation, the charitable foundation of Island Creek Oysters, has long contributed to a variety of organizations, striving to give locally and globally to issues impacting Duxbury Bay,children,and food. Recently, the Foundation embarked on a new endeavor: seeking to find a way to make aquaculture a sustainable protein source in Africa. In collaboration with the Woods Hole Ocean- ographic Institution, the Foundation reached out to a group of villages on the island of Zanzibar,Tanzania, helping the com- munity start an oyster hatchery off the coast and teaching women in the village how to raise oysters, thereby adding a sustainable, protein-rich resource to the villagers’ diet. Employees from Island Creek Oysters travel to Zanzibar to advise and educate the villagers with the hope of continuing to provide the local population with a greater supply of edible shellfish, and have even invited village women to Duxbury to show them how a large oyster hatchery operates. Attorneys from Mintz Levin, including Joseph Messina and Anthony Hubbard, helped Island Creek Oysters establish the Foundation and incorporate it into a 501(c)(3), and continue to provide general counsel to the Foundation. The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center Founded by Kenneth Schwartz, a Mintz Levin attorney, before his death from cancer, The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center ben- efited from Mintz Levin’s pro bono services on issues such as contracts, corporate matters, and intellectual property. Attorneys working on these efforts included Dianne Bourque,Rachel Irving, Stephen Weiner, Dean Bostock, Garrett Gillespie, Travis Blais, Katina Lee, Susan Weller,Tony Starr, and Peter Biagetti. Lux Art Institute Located in Encinitas, California, the Lux Art Institute works to redefine the museum experience to make art more accessible and personally meaningful. As part of this mission, Lux supports artists in the development of new projects through a residency program, and helps them share their discoveries with scholars, art patrons, and a regional and national audience, while simul- taneously educating and engaging the community to foster an appreciation of the living artist and the creative process. Scott Biel assisted the Institute by providing advice relating to general real estate issues. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships for higher education to deserving sons and daughters of Marines and former Marines, with particular attention given to children whose parent was killed or wounded in action.The Foundation also awards scholar- ship assistance to every child of a Marine,or of a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marines, whose parent is killed in the Global War onTerror. For the 2009-2010 academic year, the Foundation awarded $3.5 million to 1,405 students.This past year, Mintz Levin provided legal assistance to the Foundation in connection with regulatory and legislative matters, overseen by Kevin Ainsworth. Melanoma Education Foundation, Inc. The Melanoma Education Foundation, Inc. (MEF) is a non-profit organization devoted to saving lives from melanoma, a common skin cancer that is often deadly unless detected early. The Foundation increases awareness of melanoma by training high- school and middle-school health educators and supplying them with student materials and lesson plans; providing complete