Passages of Hope andJustice 17 Mark Lamb Dance Mintz Levin attorney Carrie Kreifels began taking dance classes when she was four years old. So in August 2008,when NewYork Lawyers for the Public Interest circulated a new list of pro bono opportunities, it was only natural that a request from Mark Lamb Dance engaged her interest. Mark Lamb is a choreographer and dancer, a teacher and a storyteller. His unique performance and teaching methods flow from his belief that“everyone is born a dancer” and that“expressive movement is our shared inheritance, a unifying human principle that transcends all established boundaries.” Initially, the dance company that bears his name needed to unwind its status as a for-profit corporation (filed in error) in favor of incorporation as a non-profit with a beneficial tax-exempt status. With support and guidance from Faith Charles, David Lagasse, and Andy Roth, Carrie worked with Mark on the steps necessary to close the books on the for-profit entity and re-incorporate as a non-profit. She was also actively involved in guiding the dance company through the ongoing process of filing IRS Form 1023 and responding to supplemental requests for information in pursuit of tax-exempt status, which was recently approved. Working on this project has led Carrie to stretch and take leaps as a young lawyer just like she did as a dancer. In addition to studying the intricacies of non-profit law, she has delved into intellectual property issues (with the assistance of Joseph DiCioccio) to help Mark enter into a licensing agreement that allows him to offer his unique choreography and creative work to the company for their sole use while retaining ownership rights. Carrie has forged such a strong connection with Mark Lamb Dance that she agreed to join the company’s board of directors. She’s looking forward to supporting other collaborations and to helping Mark Lamb Dance become a more substantial company.“I started this project so I could have a professional connection to an earlier passion, and it has flourished,” she says.“I’ve helped them, but they have thanked me by continuing to work with me and providing me with additional opportunities.” Expressive Movement “ The experience of working with Mark Lamb Dance allowed me to really grow into my role as a new attorney. Helping them rise to a new level in their business was an amazing opportunity, and it taught me invaluable lessons that I will take with me throughout my career.” — Carrie Kreifels Mintz Levin