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Technology, Communications & Media

FCC Regulation

  • Successfully represented several major cable operators in a dispute over post-digital transition interpretation of a Communications Act provision requiring “on-channel” carriage of a “must carry” broadcast television station.
  • Successfully defended a major cable operator against a program carriage complaint filed with the FCC by the Game Show Network (GSN).
  • Successfully defended a major programming network in a program access complaint filed by Sky Angel that involved the application of existing laws to online video distributors.
  • Obtained a waiver of FCC rules to allow a robotics manufacturer to bring a new consumer device to market.
  • Successfully negotiated a favorable consent decree with the FCC that allowed a manufacturer of advanced telecommunications equipment who had marketed equipment in the U.S. in a manner inconsistent with the FCC’s rules.
  • Advised robotics manufacturer on FCC spectrum and operational requirements for indoor millimeter Wave frequency operations.
  • Advise and advocate for numerous clients on pre-market testing, device approval, and the use and allocation of spectrum related to the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Counsel medical device manufacturers on the choice of frequency range and FCC service rules for wireless medical devices and obtain waivers of the FCC’s rules to allow for the marketing of new wireless medical devices in the United States.
  • Successfully represented a major consumer products company in connection with a Federal Communications Commission Enforcement Bureau inquiry regarding an advertisement that allegedly violated the Emergency Alert System (EAS) rules.
  • Assisted Wi-Fi Alliance in rulemakings that will give it increased access to spectrum to will support advanced technologies.
  • Represented a major cable operator in an Enforcement Bureau inquiry into its practice of allowing WiFi routers to serve as hotspots.
  • Played in an instrumental role in a major cable operator’s industry-leading efforts to seek modification of the rules governing retransmission consent negotiations between cable operators and broadcast television stations.
  • Assisted Trimble Inc., a major manufacturer of GPS equipment, defend a threat by an entity that wished to propose a service in adjacent frequency spectrum that would have threatened the reception of GPS signals.
  • Assisted T-Mobile in its successful participation in an FCC auction of advanced wireless service spectrum.

Cable & Telecom Transactions

  • Representing a subsidiary of MEASAT Global Berhad in relation to the procurement and launch of a new satellite.
  • Represented TPG Global in its $2.365 billion acquisition of Wave Broadband.
  • Represented TPG Global in its acquisition from Oak Hill Capital Partners and GI Partners of two cable operators, RCN Telecom Services, LLC and Grande Communications Networks, LLC.
  • Represented T-Mobile before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in its acquisition of radio spectrum covering operations in Montana and Wyoming.
  • Represented Straight Path Communications in its merger with Verizon Communications.
  • Representing Joink LLC, a DIF CIF II portfolio company owned by DIF Capital Partners, in its purchase of Computer Techniques Inc (CTI).

Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Represent NCTA in its privacy and cybersecurity advocacy.
  • Counsel to Comcast, the nation’s largest cable system operator, on cybersecurity policy issues affecting its cable and broadband services.

Satellite Authorizations

  • Successfully negotiated licenses for 1,000 MHz of Ka-band satellite capacity with countries around the world for broadband start-up.
  • Represented satellite operator in procurement of spacecraft, launch and related services, and worldwide regulatory strategy.
  • Negotiated the use of agreements with Korean and Japanese operators to allow for U.S. companies and U.S. military satellite ground network operations in Korea and Japan.
  • Negotiate license agreements with governments around the world and with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • Negotiate space licenses with countries around the world to act as Notifying Administrations at ITU.
  • Successfully secured Host Nation Authorizations (HNAs), Market Access, Landing Rights and Foreign Licensing for Satellite Network Operators and Users.
  • Telecom Policy and Regulation Development and Amendment to Allow for Market Access of New Types of Satellites Networks in Countries Around the World.
  • Obtained Host Nation Authorizations for satellite ground networks, UAS, aircraft radios, etc for all branches of U.S. Military, U.S. State Department and other government agencies around the world.

Cable Copyright

  • Representing NCTA in a rulemaking commenced by the Copyright Office in December 2017 to amend various portions of the Office’s rules implementing the compulsory license.
  • Represented several major cable operators in audits of their compulsory license Statements of Account.
  • Represented the American Cable Association in a Copyright Office inquiry into the need for regulatory or statutory action to improve the Digital Millennium Copyright Act “safe harbor” provisions in order to prevent copyright owners abuses.
Case Study
Mintz regularly represents one of the largest public companies in the data center space in large, complex transactions, including 4-30 megawatt leases and master service agreements.
Case Study
Mintz defended the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) class action lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California. Mintz secured an extremely favorable settlement based on evidence that the filer is a serial plaintiff.
Case Study
Mintz obtained a dismissal of a Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action for Hofman Hospitality Group restaurant Lucille’s BBQ without any discovery. The plaintiff claimed a text message about a dinner reservation that contained a link to specials violated the TCPA.